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Benefits to using Wedge Wire

2020-08-04 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire is a unique screening and filtration material used in many industries. It is made by precisely welding V-shaped (or “wedge” shaped) profiles onto support profiles at set distances. The gaps between the wedges allow the liquid to pass through, while anything too large is trapped on the other side. 

wedge wire screen filter element

Advantage of wedge wire:

Clogging is Minimized

It is Easy to Clean

Slot Size is Precisely Controlled

Wedge Wire is Strong

Low-pressure drop

It is Useful in Many Industries

customed design

long lifetime


Screens to the vibrating screening machines

Rotary drum screens

Floors for vats

Floors for tanks

Floors for reactors

Reactor elements

Elements for styrofoam chambers

Inserts for pressure filters

Inserts for self-cleaning filters

Inserts for axial filters


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