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Application of wedge-shaped screen filter in filter tank

Stainless steel filters include tank shells, multiple filters, backwash components, pressure drop controllers, etc. The partition in the tower-less water supply tank rack divides the water tank into a top area and a bottom area. In the top area, there are some filters, which will help save filtering space and save space. The backwash suction cup is installed in the bottom area. During operation, the fluid enters the top tank space from the inlet, and then enters the wedge-shaped wire mesh filter through the diaphragm plate. Larger impurities will be blocked, and the clean liquid will flow out from the outlet.

The wedge-shaped screen filter used in the stainless steel tank is a high-strength screen. The minimum gap we provide is 20μm. If the impurities accumulate on the surface, the pressure drop control and timing control are automatically cleaned and filtered. The wedge-shaped screen filter is If the filter surface is large enough, the pressure drop at the inlet and outlet will increase to the set value. If the timer increases to the preset time, the electric control box will send a signal to drive the backwash system.
If the backwash suction cup hole and the inlet of the filter inlet hole are opened, the drain valve will be opened. At this time, the system will empty the pressure, and the relative pressure inside the suction cup and the filter will be lower than the side of the negative pressure zone of the filter Pressure, which will force the net circulating water of the filter to flow into the filter from the side, and the impurities on the inner wall of the filter will be discharged through the drain valve. The special design of the filter and the smooth interior of the filter, the structure is very easy to backwash, all Impurities will be washed away.
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