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Application of stainless steel screen panel in the industry

2019-12-10 By zhaozhao

When it comes to the application of screen panels, many customers think that screen panels are just ordinary products. Why do they have such excellent performance? Let's take a look at the shape of the screen panel in the process of forging and forming.
The principle that the industry conforms to the basic requirements of international standards. In order to be in line with the international standards, facilitate the international recognition of the punching network industry, the implementation of a series of standards in the industry should conform to the basic requirements of the international standards of the punching network industry, and follow the operation procedures of the international punching network industry standards. According to the condition of plastic deformation in screen plate forging, when the stressed object is in a different stress state, the material is easy to produce plastic deformation, that is to say, the deformation force is small. Among them, the screening process is particularly important. The forming methods of reducing flow stress are superplastic forming and liquid forging (in fact, semi-solid forming or near melting point forming). Reducing the contact area not only reduces the total pressure but also reduces the force on the unit area of the deformation area of the punching net because it reduces the constraint of friction on the deformation. The forming technology of this kind includes spinning roll forging wedge cross rolling swing rolling and so on.
Stainless steel screen panel products are indispensable for our present sieve and filtration industry. Because of its product performance, it plays an obvious role in material separation for the sieve and filtration industry. As an important part of the machine sieve equipment, it provides better workability for the sieving industry.

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