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Application of Wedge Wire Screen Sieve in the Food Industry

2021-01-08 By zhaozhao

Strict regulations in the food industry mean that companies are constantly being reviewed for their processes to ensure that their food quality maintains the highest standards.
A bakery company found that existing food processing methods were inefficient and wanted to find new solutions.
In the production of dough-based products, the product is boiled and then baked.
During the boiling process, excess materials such as dough, corn grit and sesame seeds will fall into the pre-baked water, causing pollution and affecting water quality.
Therefore, it is necessary to manually clean the water tank and replenish fresh water, which leads to higher labor costs and downtime, and increases water consumption.
Then, the polluted water will be discharged through the pipeline to the sewage treatment plant. This creates a further problem because the water containing the discharged solids will ferment and swell, causing blockage of the pipes connected to the sewage treatment plant.
If you choose an industrial filtration screening program, you can greatly improve efficiency.
For example, the first step is to install a fully automatic environmentally friendly filter behind the water tank to continuously remove contaminants and recirculate the pre-baking water.
The industrial filter recirculates the purified water back to the pre-baked water tank, and all pollutants are discharged to the sewage treatment plant.
The second stage of the separation process focuses on eliminating pipeline blockage caused by solid fermentation in the pipeline.
When the pollutants in the water tank are discharged from the environmental protection filter, they are directly sent to the wedge-shaped wire filter vibrating screen, where the water and debris are further separated. This allows the bakery to bury most of the solid waste, and then send the remaining liquid to the sewage treatment plant for treatment, and then finally to the sewer.
By installing environmentally friendly filters and wedge wire filter screens, the bakery can achieve its goals to increase the efficiency of its production process, improve product quality, and reduce costs.

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