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Application of Stainless Steel Tube Filters

2021-07-05 By zhaozhao

The stainless steel pipe filter is mainly composed of a pipe, a cylinder, a filter basket, a flange, a flange cover, and a fastener, etc. Today we will explain the applications of stainless steel pipe filters.

Stainless steel filter adopts 304, 316L stainless steel wedge-shaped filter screen. Stainless steel pipe filters have many advantages, such as Compact structure, large filtering capacity, small pressure loss, wide application range, convenient maintenance. So it is often applied in the following places:
1.Corrosive materials in chemical production, such as caustic soda, soda ash, concentrated dilute sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, aldehyde acid, etc.
2.Materials with sanitary requirements in the production of food and pharmaceuticals, such as beer, beverages, dairy products, syrups, etc.
3.Weakly corrosive materials in chemical and petrochemical production, such as water, oil, ammonia, hydrocarbons, etc.
4.Low-temperature materials in refrigeration, such as liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen, and various refrigerants.

Stainless Steel Pipe Filter

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