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Advantages of wedge wire screen

2020-12-21 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire screen is a unique screening and filtering material that can be used in many industries. It accurately welds the contour to the support contour at a set distance by accurately welding the V-shaped (or "wedge") contour. The gap between the wedge wires allows liquid to pass through, and anything too big will filter on the other side.

Advantages of using wedge wire screen:
Minimize clogging
Easy to clean
Precise control of slot size
Wedge wire is hard and tough
Low pressure drop
Wide range of applications
Custom design
Long service life etc.
Application range of wedge wire screen:
Screen of vibrating screening machine
Rotating drum screen
Reactor floor
Reactor element
Insertion of pressure filter
Coal industry chemical industry
Paper industry, etc.
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