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About four fixed sieve Recommended

2016-06-21 By Jane

About four fixed sieve Recommended

Sieve widely used cleaning materials smelting, metallurgy, chemical industry, hydropower engineering, building engineering, abrasives and quarry industries such as waste disposal, sieving, classification, de-mud, slag removal, dehydration and other industries. For the sieve in the actual application process, we need it to be fixed in order to ensure proper performance of the play, see Runda following advice:

First, bolted: suitable for fixed wire mesh sieve coarse textile and thickness more than 8 mm rods sieve, sieve like rubber. Direct bolt on the screen surface is pressed against the screen frame. The generally U-bolt main, simple structure, reliable performance, but more troublesome disassembly. Could be replaced by J-bolts fixed, you can get a good fixed effect.

Second, the tensioning retractors: This is for woven mesh or less than the thickness of 6 mm sieve, sieve or screen can be bent into a hook trailing end, such as a larger screen wire diameter, with a thin steel plate and rubber pad wrap the edges of the screen, then it bent hook, and finally the use of retractors and bolts to secure it.

Third, the ramp pressed: for medium grain size screening sieve fixed. This is done using the screws on the screen to help frame and other parts of the swash plate is fixed to both sides of the sieve on top of the screen frame.

Fourth, the wedge pressing: in the screen box side wall to form a symmetrical weld on two long angle, on top of it spaced a certain distance, a short welding angle to match the length of each into a certain angle angle, the screen surface is supported between two angles, or wooden wedge used to compress. Since the water will swell after the wedge, can be firmly pressed against the sieve, application of this method is more extensive.

Above four methods can effectively fixed sieve, we also understand that different circumstances require different methods, we can according to the actual situation, to be fixed by the above method of sieve, so well done tasks to ensure efficient work get on.

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