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Stainless steel Basket

Stainless steel Basket

  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:Stainless steel 304
  • Properties:wedge wire basket
  • Application:Filteration Mesh
  • tag:Stainless steel Basket,
Stainless steel Basket
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Description of Stainless steel Basket:

Stainless steel Basket

1.Excellent performance
2.High filtration efficiency
3.Prompt Delivery
4.Simple structure,Top quality
5.Under ISO9001-2000 quality certificate
6.The best Craftsmanship
7.International Approvals
8..Pre air filter manufacturer
9.Low initial pressure drop

Application Fields

Basket strainer is installed on the pipe to remove the a few solid impurities in the fluid so that the compression engine, pump, instrument and other equipments can work and operate normally.

UBO offers the Outlet Basket which is a cylindrical-shaped screen located at the bottom of a vessel/reactor and used to retain, support and eliminate the migration of catalyst/media. This type of screen can also be used at the top on the vessel/reactor to serve as an Inlet Distributor.

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