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SS304 Wrapped Wire Basket screen

SS304 Wrapped Wire Basket screen

  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:stainless steel wire mesh
  • Properties:wedge wrie screen
  • Application: wine-making, malting, paper-making, mining, crement-producing, food-processing, oil-refining
  • tag:wedge wire baskt,basket screen,
SS304 Wrapped Wire Basket screen
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Detailed description of the SS304 Wrapped Wire Basket screen:

Basket screenhave two components:support bar and profile wire(wrap wire),the support bar can be circle and wedge triangle wire or trapezoidal wire (v type silk), the profile wire are wedge wire, It’s gap precision, demedium performance is good and durable, Has the durable structure, high efficiency, high ventilation cooling effect, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, mechanical capacity is good, long service life, safe and reliable.

Our products are widely used for wine-making, malting, paper-making, mining, crement-producing, food-processing, oil-refining, painting as well as the industries of cigarette, sugar, foodstuff, noise-sliencer, environmental protection, agricultural machine, chemical industry and pharmacy industry.

Basket Screen of Feature

Non-clogging surface
Large open area
Low pressure drop
Hydraulic efficiency
High flow rates .
Mechanical strength
Abrasion-resistant .
Easy cleaning

Basket Screen ofAdvantage

1 New designed
2 Discount is available
3 Fastest deliveries
4 Continuous supplies

Basket Screen of Application

Filter Element, Filter Cartridge, Filter Tube

All Chemical Fiber industry. Can be used for any of the filtration systems. Can be renewed if needed. Size per customer request.

Quality is the key, and we never sacrifice it

basket screen

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