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Water treatment filter nozzle

Water treatment filter nozzle

  • Category:Industrial/Filtration
  • Material:stainless steel304,316,316L,hastelloy alloy
  • Properties:nozzle filter,water treatment filter nozzle
  • Application:water inflatable,product degreasing,spary cooling,metal processing,gas scrubbing
  • tag:Water treatment,filter nozzle,stainless steel filter nozzle,
Water treatment filter nozzle
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Description of Water treatment filter nozzle:

The wedge wire screen filter nozzle can be fixed on the filtering equipment for the filteration of water petrol resin and other medium. Also it can be used in the water treatment, water softhening, conversion of sea water into fresh water, the filter of food chemistry.
Small systems may be built moduarly from off-the-shelf components requiring minimal customization.

Advantages of water treatment filter nozzle

Excellent roundness
Very good slot width precision
High mechanical load capacity
No form closure connection that would allow vibration of the profiled bars V-shaped wire around the twin tube water cap for metallurgical industry
Automated welding process for high-precision manufacturing
Perfectly adjusted screen basket profiles
Available for all screens
Surface finishing as required

Application of water treatment filter nozzle

1. Water Inflatable ;
2. Product degreasing ;
3. Spray cooling ;
4. Dust Control ;
5. Metal Processing ;
6. Gas scrubbing ;
7. Cleaning and cooling

Water treatment filter nozzle

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